1-1 Mentoring

How would you like to mentored 1-1 to your success?

My passion for having a BIG vision for you means that is likely to be much greater than you have for yourself – because I know what you can do;  I know how much more you can contribute to your community or market place or prospective client, and I want to help you achieve that.

Dependant on other project commitments I offer 1-1 coaching to people who are in a position to to take massive, fast action to realise stupendous results equal to stupendous efforts.

I provide 1 FREE coaching session to give you a helicopter view of what’s involved.  You are likely to gain a huge amount of value from this session alone, even if we don’t proceed further.  There after I charge £75 / $120 USD per hour and ask for your own commitment to yourself in terms of personal and financial commitment that you undertake a minimum of 9 sessions over a 3 month period.  In which case I reduce the fee by 10%.

If this doesn’t suit your budget right now you might consider my Group Coaching which has it’s own benefits of shared and supported learning.

If it’s right for both sides I would be honoured to take this journey with you.  I would need to know that you are fully committed so ask that you please complete these 2 steps:

  1. Email me via the contact form below. Introduce yourself, any web site you might have, why you feel 1-1 mentoring will create the level of success that you either aspire to or that has eluded you so far.
  2. Complete the questionnaire below. I’ll call you quickly to qualify if I can help you and arrange your first free ‘helicopter’ session.





STEP 2: Please click here to complete the questionnaire


Here’s to your future and friendship.

Saz Bailey :: Change Agent. 

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