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Personal Transformation to Online Entrepreneurship

Online Entrepreneurship sung to me.

I think it was probably around about 6 years ago now, my mother turned up at my house looking quite excited that she had found a book that was to be the answer, the beginning of my transformation to online entrepreneurship.

The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen‘The One Minute Millionaire:  The story that transforms your life and makes you rich’ by Victor Hansen.

Hmmm, I recall reading the title and looking at her like she had lost her marbles.  But she knew me, as mothers do, better than I knew myself.

My mother saw me struggling to motivate myself through the tiresome, mind numbing days of a corporate life I was no longer committed to.  She could see a creative soul that was drowning in the noise of everyday life.  It’s true I was on a downward spiral.  It was spreading, the boredom, the quite desperation,  across my whole life like an infection.  Yes I had a wonderful life.  I had (have) a wonderful husband, he’s gorgeous, he’s committed and he’s fun.  I had the great job with the great salary and car.  I had a fantastic home that I’d enjoyed renovating and furnishing myself, a beautiful double fronted 18th century house in country village setting with an interior that I’d included everything that made me feel good.  I had the social life, the holidays, the gym time.  My life was a huge success wasn’t it?

Then why, sitting relaxing watching TV in the evening did I feel uncomfortable, like I was wasting time?  Weekend, well most mornings actually were spent under the duvet (don’t be rude) with a hang over!  Working for my then employer seemed to be cheating me of my potential despite the fact that they are one of the most innovative and people focused companies in the country.  I didn’t understand then – I think I knew it, but I didn’t understand – that I’m an entrepreneur.  It’s something that’s in your DNA and wont go away.  It makes you twitch with an energy that you just have to use or it’ll drive you insane.

My mother, bless her, could see a yearning inside of me to BE different, DO better and HAVE more.

So I read the book.  Then I felt ashamed.  I had no excuses.

Let me explain;  imagine you had put on a few pounds that you really needed to loose and were struggling to do anything about it.  You’d thought about running but had all the excuses why you couldn’t – you get out of breath too easily, your knees ache afterwards, can’t fit it into your daily schedule etc. etc. etc. Then you meet the people who ran a marathon despite recovering from cancer, running on prosthetic limbs, being confined to a running track because of agoraphobia.  Your excuses become embarrassing.

Excuses don’t stack up, especially to those people who have taken action.  I’ll say to you what my mother said to me: ‘It’s time to wake up to your potential and just do what you would love to do.’

Online Entrepreneurship Enables You to Easily Live Your Passions.

This one book proved to be a tipping point for me to take action.  You too will probably find your tipping point.  When you realise there’s just no other road you can travel.  If you are an entrepreneur in your core your time will come when you open your mind to possibility and to your own personal capability.

You’ll find your business ideas.  Ideas are out there, everywhere.  People who take initiative aren’t.  If you have great skill and passion in something it’s your duty to share it to give positivity back to the world.  The more successful, positive, abundant acting offline or online entrepreneurs there are out there the better our world will be.

If you’re not sure of your ability to do something in your business then learn it, invest in your own personal development, fill those knowledge gaps and create a team of people to plug the skills.  Being an entrepreneur is about taking action around your creativity.  You don’t need to be the best at anything to make something happen.  You do need to create a mindset that supports your journey.  Read, network, learn, create an environment that matches and attracts the world you want to live in and the life you want to experience.

You need two things to be successful in creating success and your own wealth: a burning desire and a willingness to act.  Online entrepreneurship can expedite that.  If you make a commitment to your future that’s based on your burning desire then the law of consistency will ensure that you follow through.   Again, it’s in your DNA, you can’t help but want to stand by your decision.

As in the book, I liken entrepreneurs to a honey bee who’s primary objective is to obtain nectar to make honey.  Whilst in the process of collecting nectar it’s involved in a much bigger purpose.  The cross pollination it creates from it’s work has a far more important outcome than the honey it makes.  It results in a beautiful, bountiful garden.  This is about creating wealth where everyone wins through the value brought to every purposeful connection.

I hope this short post helps at least one person to make a commitment to change and take inspired action towards offline or online entrepreneurship.

Please let me know if that happens.

Saz Bailey

Top 10 Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes

A checklist to bookmark as you get started:

I was chatting with a friend last night.  I’m coaching her in her first Online Business venture.  There were 2 parts to the conversation, she was asking how to get startedTop 10 Mistakes by Newbie Online Business without wasting a whole heap of energy, time and money on stuff that was just noise, and I was wondering how I could give her some tips to get started without getting overwhelmed.  This was me also thinking about how on earth I was going to start getting all my knowledge across in my Blog.

She said; ‘just tell me what the biggest mistakes I could make are’ ……so I did, and she did me a favour as it’s helped me get started in helping you as well.

So here you go……I hope my list helps you.  If you’re not a newbie then pass it on to someone you would like to help.

Top 10 things NOT to do when your getting started:

10) Spamming social networks under the guise of ‘Networking’

Just don’t do it.  Seriously.  It’ suicide.  Spamming is where you post your opportunity or URL all over other peoples spaces. You’re not connecting with any one person or group to give them any value. It exposes zero communication skills.  It’s like entering someones home and spraying their walls with graffiti.  I certainly wouldn’t ever invite them to any future parties.  My door would be tight shut forever more.

9) Crying wolf in your email campaigns

Here’s another way to piss people off.  Have you received emails that say Urgent! Last Chance! Confidential! only to open and find that it wasn’t really the whole truth.  They’re obviously designed to grab your attention but they just insult your intelligence.  There are smarter ways to get people to open your mail that won’t damage your reputation or personal branding, and burning your list.  I’ll teach you.

8 ) Not targeting your market effectively

Some will tell you to build yourself a big list, even buy a big list.  The bigger the better.  Not so.  I’d rather have 10 valued connections who I know love what I do than 10,000 random maybe’s.  They trust me and value me so that when I actually have something to share with them, they are the first in line to buy from me.  Your message should be crystal clear.  Precision targeted marketing will give you a better prospect match, higher conversion rates which ultimately results in more income.

7) Trying to cut corners & save money in the wrong places

If you are committed to your life as an Internet Entrepreneur then you should take the time to learn about the tools of your trade.  Find out from other people what they use and why.  Notice what successful people use.  Google product reviews.   Things like Blogs, Auto-responders etc. have different functionality that you should consider in line with where you want to take your Online Business. Don’t just buy the cheapest to get started as you may be shooting yourself in the foot.  You may ultimately outsource, you may hire others to do piece work for you, but you should have enough knowledge to make informed decisions.

6) Being too attached to your desired outcome

If your focus is always on what you want rather than how you can help people then you’re likely to repel them.  You’ll come across as needy instead of having a higher purpose that’s in their interest.  You should come from a place of wanting to serve.  You should trust that you will attract the people with genuine interest in what your doing and then work out what value you can give them right away to retain their following.  People will take action (with your help) when they are ready.

5) Give Google more attention than people

Do some SEO (sales engine optimisation) and then get on with connecting with people.  I know the internet is a space connected by links and Google ‘owns’ how people find you through those links but seriously, you can give this far too much energy.  Your energy should be used in connecting with people to spread your message.  Provide great content and great value  and people will find you.

4) Isolating yourself

I seriously suggest you get yourself  1) a community of like minded people….2) a Mentor or Mentors….3) a Coach.  Being an Internet Entrepreneur can be inherently isolating.  After all it just takes you and your laptop to get up an running – that’s what’s so great.  But you’ll only get so far before you start to experience obstacles and hurdles that will wear you down.  Don’t try to go it alone, you’ll waste time and money doing lots of things you don’t need to and risk throwing in the towel.  Connect with like minded people, join networking groups and build yourself a mastermind to plug the skill sets your lacking.

3) Not investing daily in your own personal growth

Any wealthy person that you meet (I don’t just mean financially) will practice some type of intentional personal growth.  Successful people thrive on expanding their comfort zone, they will seek out challenges that help them to grow as individuals. Adverse situations present them with opportunity.  Set backs become a chance to review and do better.  They don’t perceive failure as relevant to their situation because all circumstances advance their learning and therefore their growth.  They live life on a higher positive note as they choose daily outcomes and design the results they want.  I highly recommend you take steps every day to evolve.  If you’re not evolving you’re standing still.

2) Failing to lead

Have clarity of purpose and evangelise what it is that you do.  BE what you believe in.  DO what you believe in.  HAVE what you believe in.  As an entrepreneur you are in the driving seat.  You took a decision to do what you’re doing.  You should know where your’re going & why your going there.  If you don’t feel you’ve found the passion to lead then the time may not be right for you……keep searching within yourself, it will come.

1) Waiting until everything is ‘right’ and not taking ACTION

This is the No.1 area where people let themselves down in my book.  The world is full of frustrated genius’ who can’t understand why they never made it.  Oh, and there’s those who invest in the courses and the biz opps but never see any benefit through them.  Your circumstances aren’t right,  you don’t know enough yet, your website isn’t ready – it’s all procrastination. There’s a reason why only 3% of the population ‘make it’……that’s because they take MASSIVE ACTION.  They don’t just start, they stay committed – taking persistent and consistent ACTION.  They begin with their end in mind, stay unwaveringly focused on their passion and purpose, and take every little step it takes to get them there.

Well there you go!…….my TOP 10 DO NOT DO’s.  I hope they help you today.

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To you’re unstoppable enthusiasm for getting started!!

Saz Bailey

Do I need a mentor or a coach?

Person with Thumbs Up!Well that depends on what you need from the experience. Here’s what each does;

  • Mentor: this is someone who has been there and done it, a person with the experience to guide you through what you are trying to achieve by advising the most direct route without the mistakes or lengthy learning curve. The word mentor means ‘trusted friend or councillor’.  A good mentor is a precious on many levels but the years and money you can save through the relationship and the network they can plug you into can catapult your success, especially in a new business. If you’re lucky enough to have a good mentor you should do everything in your power to keep that relationship going.  If you haven’t got one and are serious about your success I would hunt one down!
  • Coach: this is someone who helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be much faster than you would be capable of doing alone.  A coach doesn’t dictate how you should do something or give you your answers, rather they help you to own your journey through focus and clarity by methodically thinking through your project yourself to come up with your own clear plan and commitments to yourself to achieve your goals.  Again, a good coach is someone to have in your success armoury.

Both of these roles can be formal or informal, paid or unpaid.  The important thing is that they can make all the difference to the success of your project whether that be your business or your health…or your whole life path.

If you’d like to find a coach these people can help The Coaching Academy. The best way to find a mentor is through your own network, but if need be just contact to the people you would like to emulate and offer them a skill and your time that they could value in return for there mentorship. You might be surprised, people tend to want to help success.

Here’s to yours!

Saz Bailey