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Exposed: Lisa Nichols The Breakthrough Specialist

The Breakthrough Specialist

Lisa Nichols - the breakthrough specialist

Lisa Nichols :: Breakthrough Specialist

I was recently blessed to share the company of Lisa Nichols.  Known as The Breakthrough Specialist, she transformed her own life from a broken spirit in an abusive relationship and is now passionately helping others achieve their own transformations.  She focuses her attention and energy on entrepreneurs, women & children.

Lisa has a beautiful soul and I’d like to share her thoughts on personal development and growth;

Recognise the value of partnerships:

The breakthrough specialist points out that the magic of partnerships is in the interdependency.  This is the most productive state between dependancy and independence.  Creating this environment enables you to walk the journey of your relationships with your life partner, children, family and friends.  Together you can acknowledge that you are co-creating and learning something that has never been experienced before.

Partnerships reveal opportunity for personal growth.  The way you manage conversations, events, circumstances can provide opportunity to become someone better.

All partnerships are not meant to last forever.  Some are a single moment experienced, others a lifetime. The majority last a season, which can be a month, a year or years.  The biggest difficulty we have is in recognising when a season is complete which makes it difficult to allow it come to it’s natural conclusion.  Accept as ‘complete’ rather than ‘over’, release and surrender to create far less resistance to the change.


Learn to serve from your overflow:

The breakthrough specialist suggests that if you have found your passions, and with that, your calling in life then your body, mind and soul need to be able to keep up with your life’s mission.  It is your responsibility to feel so good in your own self, in your own being so that you have overflow of energy to give in service.

When we get burned out it’s because we tend to serve others needs before our own so that it becomes a chore, tiring, uncomfortable and we resent having to do it.  Realise this; it’s not that you don’t love serving any more it’s just that you haven’t served your own basic needs before doing so (check out my post on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).  Now, shift your mindset to one of responsibility – to look after yourself first.  Taking care of your basic needs of leisure, pampering, self care and time is a responsibility not a luxury.  Fill your own cup right up to full…….. when it’s full, keep going until it’s overflowing so that you find you’re serving from your saucer.  Learn what it takes for you to serve from your saucer so that you are always serving effortlessly from your overflow.

Consider this;  if you were on an airplane in an emergency and the gas masks dropped you would be expected to ensure you looked after yourself first so that you were in a capable state to care for others.  Make sense?


Identifying and accepting your monetary value:

If you can connect making money to your mission, magnetising your unique gifts then the value in that falls into place.  That’s why it’s important to focus on both Business Development & Personal Development, to maintain and service both simultaneously.  When you are connected to your own personal value through knowing your personal gifts you will create a business enabling you to serve with pleasure.

Selling or serving?  Consider them one in the same.  Keeping things simple; making a sale means that someone says ‘yes’ to something you are offering and a fiscal exchange is their acknowledgement that ‘I value what you do’.

Ask yourself the questions; what needs can I be a solution to? what problem can I be a answer to?  where can I bring joy? how can I package this so that people know that I am the answer?  Find the answers to these and you’ll know your added value.  When you get this right you’ll find that when you touch things they turn to gold, people want to be in your space more, you become a money magnet as real heart felt service leads to greater sales.

Always know that your net worth will never surpass your self worth; if your financial worth exceeds your perception of self worth you will not be comfortable with it and something will go awry.


Allowing yourself to succeed:

Many of our biggest mindset issues are around money and success.  Give yourself permission to experience success. If you remain shackled to a past of ‘nearly made it’s’, “slip ups’ and ‘failures’ then you sabotage your ability to unleash your capability.  You do have a personal capacity to think bigger and stand stronger.  A ‘No matter what!’  mindset doesn’t understand the language of excuses; fear, doubt, worry, blame.  You are in control.  You can administer choice.  You can decide your direction.

Lisa has experienced huge successes from where she started out.  Her life began in scarcity and fear.   She had to grow to be ready and accepting for each of the huge things that propelled her success forward.  When your subconscious sabotages what you are capable of you must keep believing in yourself.  Continuously expand your personal capacity to handle the abundance that comes your way with baby steps of acceptance and growth.

Lisa points out that the word intimacy can be heard as ‘In To Me I See’ and the breakthrough specialist is a huge advocate of the following 30 day excercise that connects you with who you were, are and yet to be.


30 day personal ‘In To Me I See’ excercise:

Stand in front of a mirror and say;

7 different things that your proud of ~ ‘Saz, I am so proud of you for……….’

7 different things you forgive ~ ‘Saz, I forgive you for………’

7 different things you commit to yourself ~ ‘Saz, I commit to you that I will……’

Doing this honours who you are today,  releases yourself from what you have unconsciously held yourself hostage to and commits to the person you are becoming.  Once you have let go of regret, blame, shame and anger then and only then you are ready for growth to occur.


One last take away from Lisa: Save your nuggets!  Always have a key take away from any learning experience so that you can draw on it when you need it in the future.  Have you taken any nuggets from Lisa?  Please let me know if you have……

You can connect with Lisa Nichols, the breakthrough specialist via here website here:

To your unstoppable entrepreneurial growth!

Saz Bailey