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Tony Robbins :: Personal Development Speaker (Looking a bit tasty!)

Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Tony Robbins

Tweet Learning how to achieve bigger things I’d like to share with you a key learning from Tony Robbins…….. There is a perhaps much overused cliché; ‘taking baby steps’ in order to accomplish big goals.  I know I used it just a couple of days ago on Facebook!  But it’s an astonishingly powerful principle that […]

The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen

Personal Transformation to Online Entrepreneurship

Tweet Online Entrepreneurship sung to me. I think it was probably around about 6 years ago now, my mother turned up at my house looking quite excited that she had found a book that was to be the answer, the beginning of my transformation to online entrepreneurship. ‘The One Minute Millionaire:  The story that transforms […]

Person with Thumbs Up

FUN!: Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

Tweet Life used to be that simple…..or is it still? Do you practice Daily Affirmations? It’s something I’m going to look into properly. I have practiced affirmations in the context of running, many sports people create a positive mindset for success this way.  It is proven to create results in athletes and I certainly believed […]

Person with Thumbs Up!

Do I need a mentor or a coach?

Tweet Well that depends on what you need from the experience. Here’s what each does; Mentor: this is someone who has been there and done it, a person with the experience to guide you through what you are trying to achieve by advising the most direct route without the mistakes or lengthy learning curve. The […]


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