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How to Get Approved

Advice: Help the Reviewer to Help You

Have you spent hours working on a PCC campaign only to have it rejected the publisher (usually Google)?  Carefully crafted your sales/squeeze page and follow up pages with perhaps a couple of up sells, complied your keywords, written your email campaign and adds…..all set to go, you press submit and all you get back is an incredibly frustrating ‘NO WAY’ with no expansion on WHY it’s a ‘NO WAY’.

The reason you are likely not to get approved is often quite simply because the publisher doesn’t understand what you are doing.  Think about it, it’s their job to look out for the customer. They want to know that everything you are doing is above board……Are you a real product/service? Do you care about the customer? Do you provide any value? ……or are you a dead end that traps the customer with little honest relevancy to their search?

The reviewer has limited time to check you are compliant.  If they can’t EASILY see that everything stacks up, if things don’t look search relevant, if they follow links that don’t seem to make sense then they’ll be spooked. You need to be obvious, explicit.  You need to have the customers best interest in mind in every stage of your campaign.  You need to spell out what you are doing and why it serves your customers query.

A mentor of mine; Mike Hill is trying to raise the professional standards in this area between Google and it’s advertisers.  He suggests that we create a compliancy document to make the reviewers job easy.  This document contains very simply a summary of your site/product/funnel/upsells followed by screen shots to walk the reviewer through your campaign step by step so it all makes sense and they can use it like a guided tour to put a great big tick in your box.

Check out Mike’s video here where he explains how this is in your best interest……..

Saz Bailey