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Science: Can Botox Cure Migraines?

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Botox Injections

Botox for Medicinal Use?

Well it seems that if someone looks as though they’ve had Botox we can’t assume that they had it for cosmetic reasons anymore.  It could point to the fact they suffer from migraines. I’m a migraine sufferer.  I’ve spent years monitoring my diet and lifestyle to try to help myself reduce their impact.  I’m also in my mid-thirties and noticing a few wrinkles!  This really interests me. The drug safety watchdog MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) has given the NHS the nod to dispense Botox as a treatment to chronic migraine sufferers – those who experience at least 8 episodes a month. The Daily Mail explains that the treatment is injected into the forehead and the neck of the patient with the effect of paralysing the muscles that cause the pain.  This has been reported to reduce the migraine frequency by an average of 50%. (No stats given on the reduction of wrinkles 😉 ) The drug we know as Botox or botulinum toxin was originally developed to treat facial tics, squints, writers cramp and head & neck spasms.  So, it’s not really that surprising that it’s found its way home to a similar use again. Wow!  I’ll be keeping an eye on this one – maybe I’ll try it. Here’s to a cure for all us migraine sufferers! – pass this info on if you know someone it may help.  Hit share or Tweet it on. Thanks.

Saz Bailey