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Do I need a mentor or a coach?

Person with Thumbs Up!Well that depends on what you need from the experience. Here’s what each does;

  • Mentor: this is someone who has been there and done it, a person with the experience to guide you through what you are trying to achieve by advising the most direct route without the mistakes or lengthy learning curve. The word mentor means ‘trusted friend or councillor’.  A good mentor is a precious on many levels but the years and money you can save through the relationship and the network they can plug you into can catapult your success, especially in a new business. If you’re lucky enough to have a good mentor you should do everything in your power to keep that relationship going.  If you haven’t got one and are serious about your success I would hunt one down!
  • Coach: this is someone who helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be much faster than you would be capable of doing alone.  A coach doesn’t dictate how you should do something or give you your answers, rather they help you to own your journey through focus and clarity by methodically thinking through your project yourself to come up with your own clear plan and commitments to yourself to achieve your goals.  Again, a good coach is someone to have in your success armoury.

Both of these roles can be formal or informal, paid or unpaid.  The important thing is that they can make all the difference to the success of your project whether that be your business or your health…or your whole life path.

If you’d like to find a coach these people can help The Coaching Academy. The best way to find a mentor is through your own network, but if need be just contact to the people you would like to emulate and offer them a skill and your time that they could value in return for there mentorship. You might be surprised, people tend to want to help success.

Here’s to yours!

Saz Bailey