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Science: Alcohol ages us inside-out

Health and Wellness Insights:

Image of Heart with StethoscopeAre you a lush?  I can be a bit of a lush sometimes….especially in the summer when it’s soooo nice out side and a glass of white wine temps me mid afternoon, and before I know it oooops I’ve had the bottle.  I’ve got to say – that’s not the norm but I’m going to be paying more attention to volume over time having read about how alcohol unravels us from inside on a cellular level.

It’s been found that Drinking alcohol to excess doesn’t just make us look visibly older, it actually has the effect of speeding up the ageing process at the cellular level.  Our DNA strands have Telomeres at the end of them to stop them from unravelling like old rope.  The shortening of Telomeres leads to dyeing cells. The University of Milan believes that this process occurs faster in people who consume higher quantities.  When they investigated varying consumption by a group of similarly aged subjects they found that the heaviest drinkers had Telomeres half the length of moderate drinkers.  Andrea Baccarelli told that ‘The decrease we found in Telomer length is vary sharp, and we were surprised to find such a strong effect”.  Reduction in the length of Telomeres has also been linked to cancer.

Now put that glass down and do some star jumps!

Saz Bailey