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Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Tony Robbins

Learning how to achieve bigger things

Tony Robbins :: Personal Development Speaker (Looking a bit tasty!)

Tony Robbins :: Looking a bit tasty!

I’d like to share with you a key learning from Tony Robbins……..

There is a perhaps much overused cliché; ‘taking baby steps’ in order to accomplish big goals.  I know I used it just a couple of days ago on Facebook!  But it’s an astonishingly powerful principle that only ‘the few’ apply in life.  I call it a principle because it’s absolute and universal.  I merit ‘the few’ because they are a school of success.

Take a moment to consider anything in nature; matured plants for example are the product of it’s much, much smaller parts.  So, it’s the culmination of all of these individual parts that make up the largeness or presence of something.  It follows that something may only ‘be’ and continue to exist through a process of continued growth.

Tony Robbins frequently discusses the power of making small incremental alterations in our lives.  Most of us never succeed in doing this.  The reason is because in all the planning on doing the big thing we want, and making the impacting changes, we never take the beginning, simple, meaningful steps in doing the small things that make the shift in our mindset.

I find it fascinating that incremental gain taps into one of the building blocks of our cosmos called ‘compounding’.  Modern science now believes the principle of compounding can be attributed to the very being of our universe.  So, the way our whole universe works through compounding means that growth is incremental.  One becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, 8 become 16 and so forth.  This is the way our world expands and this is the way your life and my life builds.

Now, work with me here, think about a private aeroplane setting off on a 5000 mile journey halfway across the world, obviously it’s pilot would set the most direct route to follow.  Now what if it’s systems weren’t correctly calibrated?  What if his course was off by simply half a degree?  Simple answer; over that distance they would land on the wrong continent!

The lesson of this little story here is that you and I need to truly take charge of the small things.  They are not just important but they are actually everything.  What I’m directing you to here is that the accomplishment of our ultimate dreams can be attributed to the smallest of changes.  The one very important idea to keep close to your heart is the fact that it only takes one thought to metamorphous everything.

It takes just one little adjustment that over time may have a great outcome in your life.

Did you see the movie The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher?   It beautifully exemplifies the concept.  The butterfly effect is the idea that the beating of a butterflies wings has a knock on effect that ripples on through out the universe.  The first beat of the butterflies wings appear wholly insignificant and trivial, but the amazing thing is that over time by the accumulation of a small effort this may actually produce a hurricane.

It’s the seemingly trivial steps that sooner or later create the substantial leaps in your life.

But know this; surrendering, giving up, deciding something a failure likewise produces a butterfly effect.  Never undervalue the might of the butterfly effect.  Always reinforce your decisions with actions and continue taking action towards what you do want rather than moving by default towards what you don’t and fear.

Tony Robbins often discusses the same idea.  He calls it ‘global changes’.  Global changes are about the effect of making a single simple alteration that has the ability to change a bunch of other things at the same time.

Once we know what the appropriate baby steps are we frequently fail to take the very actions essential to making our lives extraordinary lives, simply because we don’t interpret their significance.  We need to take the time to contemplate  and register what we can change for impact.  Then congruent, organised and persistent action in the direction of your goal can be the key to establishing momentum.  Every small action collects and builds on the ones before till you produce a snowball that will finally be unstoppable.  How about an avalanche?!

As a student of Tony Robbins I try not to ever disregard the seemingly small things.  They all impact and they all build upon past effects to shape and direct my life.  Utilise your time and your mind wisely in ‘compounding’ like the universe does towards your desire and most especially take positive and constructive action daily towards becoming the sort of individual you ultimately prefer to be.  It’s all in the ‘baby steps’.

Do you follow Tony Robbins teachings?  I’d love to hear what you have learned from him.

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Saz Bailey