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Starting 2011

Where did January, February & March go?

Getting my ducks in a row

I’ve spent time getting my ducks in a row

Been and gone.

What did I set out to do and what did I achieve?

Quite a lot actually 🙂

Everything that I’m doing is the practice of living the life that I want to experience.  By choice.  By my design.  There are no flukes here.  So I had a plan and I’ve stuck with it, so far at least.  The good and the bad,  success and failures are the result of my choices and actions.  That’s what’s allowing me to tick off the changes that I want to see in the day to day and the long term experience of myself, family and friends.

I’ve always planned this way.   I’ve just never put as much focus on life choices before,  and I’ve certainly never blogged about it!

I’ve had an incredibly busy 12 months implementing the direction of my intent.  So much so that I’ve barely blogged, which is something I must correct.  If I’m calling myself a blogger then I really should blog!  My intention in starting this thing was to share that transitioning from current circumstances to a different, more balanced and purposeful future is just a journey, one that I’m undertaking myself.  So I really should share.

So here are the choices I made and what I accomplished:

My plan to exit my job was dependant on things coming into alignment in my internet venture…….

I gained credibility for my expertise. I ran a very successful social media marketing campaign for a high profile sporting organisation to get more volunteers involved in their local community through cricket.  This is so far removed from my normal technology business development role but very much aligned with social media marketing so I went for it.  Loved it.  They wanted me to stay and run their next project.  I had a plan to stick to.

I took voluntary redundancy to follow my plan.  I’m at the end of my first week.  Very exciting.  Very daunting.  A huge decision to make.  However, you just know when the only life path for you is to into your own.

I’m doing what I love to do, helping people achieve personally, which happens to be what they do for business.  I’m continuing to coach a handful of people who are getting their businesses up and running.

I’m mentoring through Career Academies UK to hopefully impact my mentees early successes in life.

I work from home 3 days a week.  I have 2 days dedicated alternately to each of my children.  This was a big one for me as my little boy with special needs starts school in September I have six months to give him some focused attention.

I’ve made the shift from stressed out 100 miles an hour, distracted by my commitments to only doing the things that light me up and take me on the life path of my choosing.

So, what’s the plan?

I’ve neglected my blog and driving traffic so I’ll be getting on to that real soon.

I’ve hooked up with a new business partner;  Mike Little who is the co-founder of the WordPress project.  We’re wanting to create solutions to prevent what seems to be the normal painful experience of setting up an internet or social media footprint and learning how to successfully go about internet marketing.  We have two projects underway;

Infinity Tribes (strategic networking and traffic exploding plugin)

WPvelocity (all about setting up your blogging and internet marketing really, really, really quickly and easily)

A long term aspiration of mine is to coach in schools to help career choice aged youths connect with their nature given gifts as they choose their direction in life.  I’m planning on attending Janet Attwoods Passion Test facilitator training to incorporate this into the sessions.

I’m on the look out for people who are achievers, possibly thinking of a similar transition as my own, to trial our services and mentor to success.

I’m writing a list of things I want to experience with more balance in my life, my bucket list, not that I think I’m going to kick the bucket any time soon.  I do, however, plan to live life full out.   I’ve done my bunjee jump.  Next on my list is a sky dive,  although not a real one – in a wind tunnel ;o)  If you want to join me let me know.

I’ll prove I’ve done it in my next post.

Until then, follow your passions my friends,


Saz Bailey