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Mike Little :: WordPress Co-founder

Mike Little :: WordPress Co-founder

Mike and I are in the process of creating a much-needed solution to an endemic problem and we’re looking for people to help us do that.

Currently in Beta trial, we are working with a select few who are helping us shape our user experience.  Would you like to help us?  This is an opportunity for you to gain personal support from a co-founder of the WordPress project and myself.  Just look at his big smile – he loves doing this stuff and is ready and waiting to help you, so get in touch.

If you are a relatively new internet marketeer about to throw in the towel due to frustration and overwhelm, then STOP RIGHT THERE! Don’t give up just yet, you can help us to help you.


Here’s the full low down on

It’s well known that WordPress is the leading blogging platform around today.  There are 25 million installations across the .com and .org variants and that’s growing fast.  The software credentials speak for themselves but there is a big difference in the type of user of the two variants – which one are you?

Those ‘in the know’ – serious about marketing their brand and ultimately making money,  use the .org version of WordPress.  This successful blogging community understand that they need the professional look and total flexibility of a self hosted blog free from the commercial and customisation restrictions and enforced advertising display of the hosted platform.  They have total ownership.  The big problem here is that unless you already have the skill set or the time and tenacity to learn, then outsourcing its set up and management is your only option. This usually means loss of control,  total frustration, and needlessly wasted money!

What’s the difference between .com & .org?

Let’s start with .com; this is a free multi user platform where all your technical needs, security and backups are taken care of — yay! no stress there then. There’s really good community support and potential to drive some extra traffic to your site through this.  If you are an author or artist you can add a Paypal button to sell your products.

The down side is the restrictions imposed.  Your site name displays as [mysitename]  You cannot install a shopping cart and associated management or any analytical tools other than’s own.  Worst of all you have no control over what decide to advertise on your site.

It’s a safe environment that you can’t break but that puts massive restrictions on what you can do.  Yeah, it’s great to get a free site but that’s at the cost of your branding, potentially your integrity, and ability to even try to optimise any campaigns that you run.  Great for a hobby or opportunist income but far from ideal for the serious entrepreneur.

Then there’s .org; the self hosted version.  This means you rent your own server space from a hosting company and load and manage the WordPress application on that hosted space yourself.  This is your estate, no one can tell you what you can and can’t do with it.  You can design it, blog, sell, advertise, run affiliate programmes, have a shopping cart, add those whizzy plugins and widgets that you find on other people’s sites.  You choose the domain that suits – like mine;

The downside is that you have to find and pay for a good hosting package, find, install, and configure themes, plugins, and widgets that won’t corrupt your site.  If you’re not technical, you’ll need to find someone you can trust to modify or code plugins and themes just to get things to look right and operate how you want.  You’ll need to be on the ball with back ups, upgrades, security and compatibility issues that might compromise the functionality of your site.  You’ll need to be aware of and mitigate for busy periods or traffic bursts if you run campaigns.  Support is relative to the WordPress user network that you are able to build for yourself.

It’s perfect for the technical blogger wanting total hands on control or the seasoned internet marketeer confident to outsource but the majority of solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are creative connectors who want the hands on user experience without the technical overwhelm.

Neither of these options worked for me… they work for you?

What is

  • It’s a very simple solution to a very big problem.  A balance of both worlds
  • A simple, flexible, hosted and managed WordPress blogging platform
  • We’ve removed the commercial and flexibility restrictions of .com –  it’s your blog!
  • We’ve removed the technical and time challenges of .org – save your energy for more important things
  • Then we’ve thrown in a whole load of innovative marketing, training, simplification, automation and community networking solutions to help you get up and running and making money fast
  • Nothing to install anywhere. No servers to manage. No complicated configurations or compatibility issues
  • Plenty of innovation. Heaps of support.  Days and weeks of reclaimed time and energy. Smiling faces all round
  • You get a professional, flexible, branded commercial blog — quickly. Your HQ configured ready to enable your marketing activities as easily as setting up a Facebook account

So what’s really so different about

At WPvelocity we understand the world of the solo entrepreneur and newbie internet marketeer.  We’ve experienced the level of overwhelm and networking challenges you’re likely to be having.  Everything we do aims to minimise that and help make your journey an enjoyable and successful one.

We understand that you want to learn and keep control of your estate but that takes time and some hand-holding to get you going.  Your priority is to make an income that can sustain your commitment and progress.  You can play with the themes, plugins, widgets in your own time – when we’ve coached you how to!

If you look the word commerce up in the dictionary it tells you; “The exchange of goods or services from producer to the customer to satisfy their wants and needs”.  It’s doesn’t say; “playing with technology”.  When you come right back to how the money gets made, it’s when you mobilise your creativity to design solutions that serve your prospects, hopes, dreams or fears, & desires.  The major barrier to you doing that is that a whole lot of technology gets in the way of you easily connecting with your market. makes that disappear allowing you to immediately put your energy into the marketing of your business.  It removes the barriers.  It launches you into an environment where you’re connecting with your prospects and customers from your first post.  Why would you want to concentrate on anything but that?

It is our dedication to you to help you get to a place where you are making money – quickly.

  • We believe in simplicity and automation where possible
  • Struggling with SEO? We’ve got a plugin for that
  • Struggling with content syndication? We’ve got a plugin for that
  • Struggling for back links? We’ve got a plug in for that
  • Struggling with Keywords? We’ve got software for that
  • Already got a web master or designer you want to give access? No problem

We are so dedicated to giving you a shot at success that we set you up for FREE and give you 90 days to find your blogging feet.  You are in charge of your account so you can cancel at anytime in those 90 days and be sure that you won’t ever see a bill from us.

And because we’re all about helping you make money easily, as soon as you become a full member and take advantage of the awesome community benefits, you automatically become an affiliate of both WPcommerce and our Tribetastic plugin (more on that later).

Add to this the fact it’s built by marketers and one of the two founders of the WordPress project you can rest assured we’ve got you totally covered 😉

How is this going to make you money?

  • Bottom line: you’ll sell your stuff faster & easier
  • Your professional image will set you apart from your peers giving you a head start from the get go
  • Your initial pre-configured site leaves you free to immediately connect and interact with your target audience
  • You’ll establish your authority, products and/or services from day one by being free to create your valuable content addressing your prospects wants and needs
  • You’ll be using industry proven highly converting landing pages and squeeze pages automatically set up to capture your leads
  • Your site will make simple work of campaigns ensuring you have all the essential elements to take your prospects from giving you their email to linking to your video to  giving you their credit card details to getting their download or even joining your membership site
  • You can quickly and easily run your own perpetual launch sequence — always be launching — funnelling all your leads into your rolling launch to receive sequenced auto responder to blog your posts – just set it and let it run to make you money on auto pilot
  • Your high engagement and conversions will create long-term reliable income with customers who are a joy to deliver to
  • Your site becomes your transaction centre through your connected services.  Just plug in your email marketing accounts, your shopping cart, your Paypal or Click Bank accounts. All with automatic sign in for added user simplicity
  • We kick-start your wealth creation.  If you’re looking for multiple passive income streams this will be your first.  As an automatic affiliate you will cover the cost of your own subscription by promoting to just 3 other full membership users.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit.  How much do you want to earn?

I think I’ve missed something – why is blogging so important?

I’m sure you know that your most loyal and profitable customers, costing you the least to acquire are those who come to you through peer recommendation and remain with you because of the value they feel you give them.  That’s all about networking and building relationships.  Social Media is all about networking and relationships, creating ‘Tribes’ to amplify your presence.

Your blog is your HQ.  It’s where you brand yourself, display your quality content, product and services creating social buzz through all the other media networks.  This is where syndication comes into play, word of mouth marketing on steroids.  People find you and come to know, like, and trust you through their peers.  Blogging is about sharing value for your audience to connect with.  Map your blogging to your marketing campaigns and you have an automatic value up front launch… Here’s an example:

  • Discuss a current problem/experience
  • Ask people how they would want to see that fixed
  • Create the product/service they just asked you for
  • Show your product/service potential
  • Invite people to improve what you’re offering
  • Talk about the opportunity
  • Invite people to trial
  • Tell everyone how much better your product/service is thanks to the trial
  • Show some proof from your trial
  • Overcome objections
  • Create a special offer and launch!

So what is this InfinityTribes plugin all about?

It’s about easily driving free laser targeted traffic to your site on auto pilot as a by-product of your social media networking and syndication.  It’s a plugin that brings limitless opportunity for Tribe syndication right into your WordPress admin – no need to join another forum or membership.  A reciprocal system rewarding you with points from your own activity to gain yourself exposure through a limitless network of fellow niche bloggers;

  • Get your content shared on all the major social network platforms to laser targeted audiences
  • Choose from an automatic feed of members content you want to follow/syndicate/comment on
  • Search for content to follow/syndicate/comment on based on niche/keyword/tags/categories
  • Have content automatically suggested to you based on your preferences
  • Automatically invite bloggers with valued content into your network
  • White and black list your inner Tribe to auto accept/reject comments to your blog
  • Monitor statistics to gain insights on your exposure
  • Have your latest blog post and Bio display on all your comments within our plugin user network
  • Join in the fun and enter competitions to be rewarded with MASSIVE EXPOSURE by fellow niche bloggers

And yes you’re an automatic affiliate so not only will you benefit the whole community by promoting and expanding the syndication network, you’ll also earn an additional income once we move out of Beta testing phase.  Again, sell 3 and you’ve covered the cost of your own.

This plugin is available to any type of WordPress user.  Not just those on our WPvelocity platform.  It’s FREE to all until we move out of Beta testing phase and then we’ll probably charge around £200 for it, so you’ll be wanting to spread the word whilst it’s free to help get your network to reach tipping point – then rest assured everyone will want to be a part of this limitless, automated syndication network.

Who is for?

Anyone who wants to make money with a primary focus on Social Media Marketing, but our perfectly matched client is the new solo entrepreneur and small business with real commitment to their online marketing presence.

Entrepreneurs who appreciate the benefits of the .org self hosted platform but equally appreciate that the technical side of blog management is not their core business.

People who want to focus on marketing and leave WordPress configuration and management to the experts.

People who want help to learn how to take the reigns of WordPress and all the peripheral marketing plugins and services with support in an environment they can’t break.

At WPvelocity we mirror the WordPress philosophy:

Out of the Box

We believe owning and managing your blog should be simple, stress free and dare we say even enjoyable. is designed to get you up and running and fully functional with a branded commercial site that has all the plug ins, widgets, pages, opt in forms, and SEO as simply, quickly and easily as setting up a Facebook account and profile.  We ask for as few technical details as possible during the set up process as well as providing full explanations of anything we do ask for and guide you through exactly where and how to get that information.

Design for the Majority

The majority of entrepreneurs who venture into internet marketing are creative and not technically minded. They recognise the value of their time and want to be connecting with and creating for their customers. users don’t care how the engine works but are really hot on how it performs and looks.  They simply want to blog and network in an environment that enables them to do that as easily, enjoyably, and professionally as possible, free from frustration and technical overwhelm.

Decisions not Options

We totally get it that your blog is your blog, and you want you’re blog to be unique just like you.  You don’t want a version of a version that everyone else has.  We also understand that every time we give a user an option, we are asking them to make a decision.  When a user isn’t experienced enough to understand the option or its impact this ultimately leads to frustration and overwhelm.  That’s why we set you up so that you can grow with the platform when you are ready.  We make smart design and marketing friendly decisions for you and avoid putting the weight of these choices on you until you’re ready to take them on.  When you are ready we’ll take you as far as you want to go.

Clean, Lean, and Mean

WordPress is designed at its core to be lean and fast with a solid array of basic features. The rule of thumb being that the core should provide features that 80% or more of end users will actually appreciate and use.  That’s what we’ve build our basic platform on.  We understand however that different people have different needs and preferences so we completely support users in customising installations to their taste — the remaining 20%.  We embrace variety and encourage you to suggest plugins to enhance the platform for all.  Above all, we protect the security and performance of your platform so that your site doesn’t get screwed up.  We set high standards for developers, we’ll work with them and test any suggested plug in thoroughly for compatibility before adding to our portfolio.  Or just create our own!

Striving for Simplicity

Just like WordPress we’re never done with simplicity.  We want to be a joy to use.  We understand that you don’t need or want to know about software releases and plug in compatibility.  You just want a sexy engaging site.  If there’s anything you need to configure yourself we give you explicit instructions and hand hold you through, even giving you live webmaster support because we know sometimes the smallest things can prevent you from making progress.  We understand the significance of this on your life path, stepping away from the job and feeding the family!!

The Vocal Minority

We consider it really important to listen and respond to those who give us feedback and voice their opinions on forums, but recognise these are the vocal minority only representing a tiny fraction of our end users.  We are pro-active in getting feedback from you as an individual user about your experience with us and strive to use that to make WPcommerce even simpler and more fun to use moving forward.

So would you like to be involved and help us shape this service?  Just get in touch with us via the form below:


Or you can speak to us via:


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