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Welcome – you just entered a no hype traffic generation zone!

We all want success, some of us want huge success.

We all want laser targeted, qualified, endorsed traffic.

We all want it free and fast.

Is that a dream?……absolutely not!  We’re making it happen.

At Maverick Marketing we like to do things differently, challenge the status quo and create real practical solutions to the internet marketeers biggest problems.  We’re not just big thinkers but limitless thinkers.  We simplify and automate where possible, freeing you to get on with what you are good at.

There’s a lot of buzz about Social Media marketing.  Rightly so, it creates the most highly converting traffic you can hope for.  It’s free, high quality word of mouth referral.  The problem is that most people are going about Social Media either the wrong way, or if they’re doing it right their doing it the long way.  Let’s put a stop to that right now.

If you’re like the vast majority of online marketeers and consider yourself either learning the ropes or now a seasoned marketeer simply trying to find a more time and cost efficient way to drive traffic to your site through Social Media then you’ll find the light at the end of your very long dark lonely tunnel right here.

Why do we all find getting traffic so darn hard?

The problem for almost all of us getting started online and even for those who’ve already given it a good run is that although Social Media marketing is an absolute necessity it’s also incredibly time consuming and often distracting.  Despite the great quality and value you put out there the traffic just doesn’t come thick and fast enough or qualified enough to gain your business the momentum you’re looking for.  Free traffic is a long term strategy that takes commitment and time to cultivate.

It seems as though the whole internet community is drowning in the same overwhelm and confusion about effective Social Media traffic generation that delivers real, fast, consistent results.  Every time a so called guru promotes their next little known underground technique they have us all in a panic that unless we jump in immediately we’ll miss out on what everyone else is gaining ground on.  We jump from one thing to the next and never really master anything.   Do you know how they do that?  They promote through their personal network of loyal followers – their Tribe – to create a massive amount of instant and intense buzz.

Hhhhmmm……..what you could do with here is your own loyal army of followers who will do that for you –  as soon as you post your latest piece of content or promotion……maybe your own personal Tribe.

Whats the solution to getting free traffic?


We’re creating an infinite ‘crowd’ of like minded entrepreneurs all interconnected through common interest and values to support and elevate each other.  Rewarding you for your own activity in promoting others to gain massive exposure for yourself.  The Infinity Tribes plugin brings you limitless opportunity to network, filter and syndicate with real people creating real value relevant to your niche, and it brings that right into your WordPress administration in a revolutionary automated way.

  • Don’t gamble your hard earned money on advertising
  • Don’t loose thousands on training leaving you wondering why you can’t make it work
  • Don’t waste money on software that you don’t need

We can’t give away all our secrets just yet but when the plug in is freely available we will give you our full feature list.

What is the Infinity Tribes plug in going to do for your business?

  • Approach Social Media the right way to build a massive following of people who know like and trust you, and are ultimately ready to buy from you.
  • Send a tsunami of free high quality word of mouth referrals flowing though your business night and day on auto pilot.
  • Connect you with a network of like minded, supportive, empowering entrepreneurs who will help to elevate you to the success you know you are capable of.
  • Create a Tribe of partners who consistently market your business FOR you in the social networks.
  • Expand your own personal network into tens of thousands within a matter of weeks.
  • Create a priceless asset that will pay dividends for life with any amount of success you can design for yourself.
  • Provide a new automated revenue stream through the affiliate scheme that will start after beta trial.


  • Increased Search Engine Spider activity on your site
  • Higher SERP ranking (search engine results page)
  • Higher page ranking
  • New direct traffic to your site

What is the Infinity Tribes plugin going to do for you personally?

  • It will free your time up to concentrate on your core business that you find most fulfilling
  • You will grow your personal network of like minded committed entrepreneurs who are likely to become trusted friends
  • You will surround yourself with great people with respect and support who want to see you succeed
  • Your stress and overwhelm will subside as you reduce your work load and the anxiety of not having a guaranteed quality traffic getting solution.
  • Operating with a giving in order to receive mindset will be a positive and hugely rewarding experience.
  • You will be challenged to deliver service and value of your highest ability, you will always be evolving.
  • It will allow you to reclaim your time to balance your business with family, friends and personal fulfilment.

In April 21 2010 Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) announced the launch of 1 billion ‘Like’ buttons across the internet.  To date more than 1 million sites have integrated that button into their pages. 10 thousand websites integrate this with Facebook every day.  150 million people per month are interacting with Facebook through various plugins every day.  What this means for all us is that if we’re not playing the Social Media game, and playing it well, then we’re not really in the game at all.

If you still don’t get what Tribes are all about I suggest you go read Seth Gobins book; Tribes, and get clued up on why this is so important for the success of your internet marketing efforts.

If you would like to get involved in our trial period and get plug in for FREE then head on over to Facebook through the tab below and friend me with a note to say why.

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