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Youth Focus

Helping our youth communicate early on pays dividends in their growth

BT Better World Communication Cook Book

BT Better World FREE Resources

Through my connections with British Telecommunications I have access to resources for investing in the vital skills and potential of our young people by developing their communication skills as early as possible to get a great start in life.

If you would like to view or order any of the resources available to parents, carers and youth workers you can click this link to BT Better World

Youth Sponsorship/Apprenticeship/Scholarship

In the spirit of raising the bar of entrepreneurship I will from time to time be offering to sponsor youths through a training programme with the aim of giving them the skill toolset to set them up for life.  If you are interested in taking part you should contact me with your application clearly describing and evidencing ability to commit, learn and apply.

I’m currently committed to mentoring students through Career Academy UK.

The Passion Test – Finding Purpose Before Life Takes Over

One of my favourite things I love to put my energy into is connecting with teenagers at the perfect age before they set out on the road to carving out a career.  I find it ridiculous that they are expected to choose subjects to study that will shape their lives well in to the future at an age where the majority have no clue of the significance or who they really are to know and make those choices.

Most people never take the time to figure out what it is they enjoy and the skills at which they excel.  Kids in particular often worry about being accepted for who they are and as they go through school they are faced with many opportunities and decisions to make.

When students are passionate about what they’re doing, they improve their lives, become centered, their academic achievement soars to new levels and the ‘fire within’ begins to burn. When students learn how to make life exciting and purposeful, they begin to truly appreciate who they already are, and start to envision themselves creating their own best life.  They have the chance to live life by design rather than by default.

I run workshops with these kids to help them take control of their life journey.  In these workshops they will:

  • Discover their unique gifts and talents
  • Become really clear what is important to them & what you want in your life
  • Learn how to make choices that keep you aligned with your passions
  • Create a plan to start living the life of their dreams right away
  • Define a sense of self and unique value
  • Learn how to overcome negative thoughts that may be holding them back (increase self-esteem automatically)
  • Learn how to communicate skillfully
  • Learn presentation skills (useful in convincing parents to hear their great ideas!)
  • Make new friends!
  • Above all have FUN!!!

If you are interested in holding a school or community youth work shop please get in touch.


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