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Science: Detecting Cancer Early with a Blood Test

Health and Wellness Insights:

Image of Heart with StethoscopeIt’s suggested by research that a blood test could detect Cancers before a tumour has even grown.  This test identifies the signals of the body’s immune responses as a cancer germinates so enabling treatment at a much earlier stage.

Initially the test will be used to detect lung cancer, where often symptoms don’t manifest until a tumour is the size of a tennis ball. The earliest screening detection is only picking up the cancer after more than 20 cell divisions – death occurs at around 40.

Professor John Robertson said “We are starting to understand carcinogenesis in a way we have never seen before – seeing which proteins are going wrong, and how the immune system responds. It’s as if your body is shouting: ‘I’ve got cancer’ way before a tumour can be detected.

The Times paper details the research was completed by the University of Nottingham and a Kansas based medical research company.

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Saz Bailey