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How to create social buzz to get hungry leads coming to you on auto pilot

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10 tips for setting up Twitter for max success

Tweet Laying the right foundation… I’ve just been making some bite size training videos for Social Media Marketing just for those people who don’t have time to complete full courses and need to take baby steps.  Today was setting up your Twitter profile to lay a good foundation.  I thought it might be useful to […]


In Gratitude of you Following My Blog……

Tweet I would like to dedicate this space to elevating you. Promote what it is that you are passionate about and find other people to mastermind with. Let me know if you have an idea you might like to connect with me about. Link back to your site and get some Google Juice 😉 Don’t […]

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Tweet Well – it’s FREE – d’oh! Seriously though, many, many people are not understanding the immense power of Social Media in business.  It is clear that people who don’t use it for business networking purposes don’t ‘get it’.  To them paid search campaigns are king but if your whole online marketing strategy is dependant […]

Top 10 Mistakes by Newbie Online Business

Top 10 Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes

Tweet A checklist to bookmark as you get started: I was chatting with a friend last night.  I’m coaching her in her first Online Business venture.  There were 2 parts to the conversation, she was asking how to get started without wasting a whole heap of energy, time and money on stuff that was just […]


How to Get Approved

Tweet Advice: Help the Reviewer to Help You Have you spent hours working on a PCC campaign only to have it rejected the publisher (usually Google)?  Carefully crafted your sales/squeeze page and follow up pages with perhaps a couple of up sells, complied your keywords, written your email campaign and adds…..all set to go, you […]


So how do you get your Online business moving?

Tweet Wow – this is a massive question. The first thing i’ll say about this is that you need QUALIFIED TRAFFIC finding your website and that until you have this everything else is just noise. Note that I say qualified traffic….this is important!! Most people will tell you to just get traffic, lots of traffic.  Buy it, spam for […]


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