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Law of Attraction Freakishly in Action

Law of Attraction in Action: Is this the evidence?

Law of Attraction: How Thoughts Become ThingsYes I’m a skeptic of the Law of Attraction.  Or should I say I was a skeptic of the Law of Attraction?  Or perhaps it’s safer to say I’m withholding my verdict awaiting more evidence.

The hocus pocus about the vibrations you put out to the universe coming straight back at you like a boomerang to give you exactly what you infer you want hasn’t sat very easily with me.  I’m too programmed by life to just accept the Law of Attraction but I’m trying to change that.

We all experience those serendipity’s or synchronicity’s in life like when you desperately want that new something; you see it everywhere!  You notice it like never before because it’s on your radar.  Life presents back to you where your focus is.  That is Law of Attraction.

So, yes, I’ve been researching the Law of Attraction.

No,  I’ve not lost my marbles;  I think it really can work.

I’m documenting a ‘happening’ here in this post as proof to myself and for you that when you state your intention and put yourself out there with full commitment it is possible for the magic to happen.

So I want to share with you what happened to me a couple of weeks ago because, to be honest it freaked me out a little.

I first need to give you some context:

I just made a life changing decision to take voluntary redundancy and throw myself into my business following my personal passions.  So I’m right in there just now, giving my new venture and my new life my total commitment, energy and focus – everything that the Law of Attraction rule book suggests you should do, and low and behold;

The first crazy thing that happens is that through deciding to mix with a local MeetUp group I’d met my new business partner Mike Little.   He just happens to be the co-founder of WordPress, and he just happens to live about  fifteen minutes away from me.  He also just happens to have similar views as mine as to making the New Internet Economy accessible to all for people to achieve their own personal wealth and freedoms.  Co-incidence or Law of Attraction in action?

You also need to know that Mike and I are creating an incredibly sexy Plugin for WordPress that will make social marketing far more productive and fun with the ability to  automatically explode your traffic getting efforts through your content and networking strategies.

This Plugin is called InfinityTribes.  That’s important to the story.

We are creating a demo video for InfinityTribes and need some funky music for it.  I’ve had a track in mind and it’s been driving me crazy that I haven’t been able to recall its name or even the artist.

Within that context I can now tell you my little story:

It all started at 4am Friday when my toddler (unusually) woke crying.  Aaarrrgggh!  that spelled disaster for me.  I settled her and tried to go back to sleep but I had so much going around and around in my head that I couldn’t.  I was getting more and more annoyed at being awake so eventually just gave up.

By 5am I was in my trainers running up the hill towards my favourite woodland space.  I usually listen to education and coaching audios at the moment because I’ve so much to keep on top of but as I needed all the energy I could get I chose to listen to some really upbeat dance music.  I was working through things in my mind and getting my thoughts together for the day.

When I got to the top of the hill I turned on to the woodland walk that takes me towards ‘The Edge’ a cliff top that over looks the Cheshire country side.  As I ran along the path I could tell I was going to be greeted by a wonderful sight as the sun was coming up directly ahead.  I was feeling good about the day.  I turned off the path and ran toward The Edge in front of me,  the cliff edge gave way to a beautiful pink sky with a soft orange globe for the sun and the whole countryside that I could see for miles was covered with morning mist.  It was an amazing experience.

Then as if that wasn’t enough, just as I needed my energy to get to the top if the cliff, the track I’d been trying to remember came blasting into my ears on my iPod!  I couldn’t believe it!  The track was called Infinity!  I stopped on the cliff edge looking out over this incredible view with my thoughts totally in order and listening to the sound track of the demo video that’s going to perfectly promote the InfinityTribes project Mike and I are working on.  (If we get the licence!).

So, if it weren’t for my toddler unusually waking me at 4am,  followed by my mad moment deciding to get out of my bed and run at dawn,  then choosing to run to dance music that I currently don’t do,  I probably would never have found the perfect track that coincidentally has the name of the Plugin I want to use it to promote!  And I wouldn’t  have had the most amazing start to my day.

All the above came about through positive choices,  my reactions to the each of the circumstances I experienced.  It could have gone a completely different way.

Co-incidence? Synchronicity? Serendipity?  I say that’s pure evidence of the Law of Attraction in action.

I want more of this please.  When I have a wobble of faith in future I’ll come back and read this post to remind myself that I am pivotal to the way circumstance transpires.

Saz Bailey’s Crazy Evidence of Law of Attraction in Action (Excuse the heavy breathing – I had just run up a hill after all!)


What do you think of the Law of Attraction?  Any experience?  Or do you think is a load of B.S?

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you think I’m being brainwashed…….

Saz Bailey

Exposed: Lisa Nichols The Breakthrough Specialist

The Breakthrough Specialist

Lisa Nichols - the breakthrough specialist

Lisa Nichols :: Breakthrough Specialist

I was recently blessed to share the company of Lisa Nichols.  Known as The Breakthrough Specialist, she transformed her own life from a broken spirit in an abusive relationship and is now passionately helping others achieve their own transformations.  She focuses her attention and energy on entrepreneurs, women & children.

Lisa has a beautiful soul and I’d like to share her thoughts on personal development and growth;

Recognise the value of partnerships:

The breakthrough specialist points out that the magic of partnerships is in the interdependency.  This is the most productive state between dependancy and independence.  Creating this environment enables you to walk the journey of your relationships with your life partner, children, family and friends.  Together you can acknowledge that you are co-creating and learning something that has never been experienced before.

Partnerships reveal opportunity for personal growth.  The way you manage conversations, events, circumstances can provide opportunity to become someone better.

All partnerships are not meant to last forever.  Some are a single moment experienced, others a lifetime. The majority last a season, which can be a month, a year or years.  The biggest difficulty we have is in recognising when a season is complete which makes it difficult to allow it come to it’s natural conclusion.  Accept as ‘complete’ rather than ‘over’, release and surrender to create far less resistance to the change.


Learn to serve from your overflow:

The breakthrough specialist suggests that if you have found your passions, and with that, your calling in life then your body, mind and soul need to be able to keep up with your life’s mission.  It is your responsibility to feel so good in your own self, in your own being so that you have overflow of energy to give in service.

When we get burned out it’s because we tend to serve others needs before our own so that it becomes a chore, tiring, uncomfortable and we resent having to do it.  Realise this; it’s not that you don’t love serving any more it’s just that you haven’t served your own basic needs before doing so (check out my post on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).  Now, shift your mindset to one of responsibility – to look after yourself first.  Taking care of your basic needs of leisure, pampering, self care and time is a responsibility not a luxury.  Fill your own cup right up to full…….. when it’s full, keep going until it’s overflowing so that you find you’re serving from your saucer.  Learn what it takes for you to serve from your saucer so that you are always serving effortlessly from your overflow.

Consider this;  if you were on an airplane in an emergency and the gas masks dropped you would be expected to ensure you looked after yourself first so that you were in a capable state to care for others.  Make sense?


Identifying and accepting your monetary value:

If you can connect making money to your mission, magnetising your unique gifts then the value in that falls into place.  That’s why it’s important to focus on both Business Development & Personal Development, to maintain and service both simultaneously.  When you are connected to your own personal value through knowing your personal gifts you will create a business enabling you to serve with pleasure.

Selling or serving?  Consider them one in the same.  Keeping things simple; making a sale means that someone says ‘yes’ to something you are offering and a fiscal exchange is their acknowledgement that ‘I value what you do’.

Ask yourself the questions; what needs can I be a solution to? what problem can I be a answer to?  where can I bring joy? how can I package this so that people know that I am the answer?  Find the answers to these and you’ll know your added value.  When you get this right you’ll find that when you touch things they turn to gold, people want to be in your space more, you become a money magnet as real heart felt service leads to greater sales.

Always know that your net worth will never surpass your self worth; if your financial worth exceeds your perception of self worth you will not be comfortable with it and something will go awry.


Allowing yourself to succeed:

Many of our biggest mindset issues are around money and success.  Give yourself permission to experience success. If you remain shackled to a past of ‘nearly made it’s’, “slip ups’ and ‘failures’ then you sabotage your ability to unleash your capability.  You do have a personal capacity to think bigger and stand stronger.  A ‘No matter what!’  mindset doesn’t understand the language of excuses; fear, doubt, worry, blame.  You are in control.  You can administer choice.  You can decide your direction.

Lisa has experienced huge successes from where she started out.  Her life began in scarcity and fear.   She had to grow to be ready and accepting for each of the huge things that propelled her success forward.  When your subconscious sabotages what you are capable of you must keep believing in yourself.  Continuously expand your personal capacity to handle the abundance that comes your way with baby steps of acceptance and growth.

Lisa points out that the word intimacy can be heard as ‘In To Me I See’ and the breakthrough specialist is a huge advocate of the following 30 day excercise that connects you with who you were, are and yet to be.


30 day personal ‘In To Me I See’ excercise:

Stand in front of a mirror and say;

7 different things that your proud of ~ ‘Saz, I am so proud of you for……….’

7 different things you forgive ~ ‘Saz, I forgive you for………’

7 different things you commit to yourself ~ ‘Saz, I commit to you that I will……’

Doing this honours who you are today,  releases yourself from what you have unconsciously held yourself hostage to and commits to the person you are becoming.  Once you have let go of regret, blame, shame and anger then and only then you are ready for growth to occur.


One last take away from Lisa: Save your nuggets!  Always have a key take away from any learning experience so that you can draw on it when you need it in the future.  Have you taken any nuggets from Lisa?  Please let me know if you have……

You can connect with Lisa Nichols, the breakthrough specialist via here website here:

To your unstoppable entrepreneurial growth!

Saz Bailey

Exposed: Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

Maslow knew all about passion…….

Abraham Maslow's theory of motivation

Abraham Maslow :: Mr Personality

Abraham Maslow is the personality man.  He’s a humanistic psychologist who has influenced many fields including education.  Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation is key to our passions.

I want to share his views with you because what he teaches about our natural and basic need to blossom to our full potential really explains our relationship with our personal passions and purpose in life.

Humanists don’t believe we can be effectively pushed and pulled but that we achieve when we act from our potential.  Maslow’s theory of motivation shows us that he believed that we operate from an innate curiosity, ensuring that we reach for high-level of capabilities, striving for creativity, our highest consciousness and a wiseness to become a ‘fully functioning person’ a ‘healthy personality’ or as Maslow calls this; the ‘self-actualizing person’.

Maslow understood our need to connect with our core in order to nurture our passions to enable us to realise our full potential.  I’d like to share his thoughts with you, and ask you to consider where your own personal growth compares with his model, then how you can take control to move onward and upward.

Maslow identified and encompassed our primary needs in a 5 level hierarchical structure.  Our primary needs are instinctive, equivalent of those in other creatures.  Each level over rides the next before greater levels of need become apparent.  At our highest levels we realise needs for understanding, esthetic appreciation and spirituality – the comprehensive understanding of self.

In the correct environment we will grow straight and beautiful, realising the potential we’ve inherited.  I believe the vast majority of people hover around levels 3 or 4 with aspirations to the next level but very often do not take the action required to achieve them.

Maslow’s primary requirements are as follows:

1)  Physiological need:

These are biological requirements i.e. oxygen, nutrients, water, and a comparatively constant body heat.  These are our most fundamental needs – if we didn’t have these nothing else would matter to us.

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs :: Illustrated as a pyramid with the most basic needs at it’s base.

2)  Safety:

When the first level is satisfied and no longer impact our views and behaviors, the demands for security may become active.  This is about living in an orderly predictable world where inconsistencies and the unfamiliar are rare.

3)  Love and belonging:

When safety and physiologic welfare are fulfilled Maslow says that we seek to achieve a feeling of belonging or feeling accepted.  This involves both giving and receiving love, affection and the sense of belonging in any emotionally based relationship.

4)  Esteem:

Next up, our need for regard may become dominant. Both self-regard and from other people.  We have a need to be accepted and valued by others or we experience anxiety.

Our need for self-respect translates to the need for mastery, competence, , self-confidence, independence and freedom which are based on inner competence won through our experience.  When these needs are disappointed, the individual feels substandard, powerless, helpless and un-needed.

5)  Self-actualisation:

When all of the above is satisfied then and only then are the needs for self-actualization triggered.  Maslow identifies self-actualization as our motivation to be and do that which we were ‘born to do’.  To realise our full potential.

A musician must do music, an artist must paint.  These needs make themselves felt in signs of impatience or frustration. We feel on edge, lacking something, in short – uneasy.

If we are missing one of the other levels of the hierarchy it’s really quite easy to identify the problem.  It isn’t always clear what’s missing when there’s a need for self-actualization.

Maslow suggests the only reason you won’t achieve self- actualization is because pressures applied by society.  He says that our educational methods contribute to these handicaps and that facilities should react to and nurture the potential a person has for growing into a self-actualizing individual.

Educators should be teaching us to achieve ‘self actualisation’

I’m passionate about educating our children in response to their potential no matter where that may come from.  That their fully realising identity and esteem is paramount to living as a fully functioning person.  My children attend a Montissori nursery which is very much in tune with that philosophy.

Maslow suggested education should be teaching:

  1. To be authentic, to be fully aware of our inner selves by tuning in to inner-feelings.
  2. To exceed our cultural conditioning and become world citizens.
  3. To assist us in discovering our life’s calling.
  4. That life is cherished, and there’s joy to be received, and that if we are open to seeing the good and the joy in all kinds of places, it makes life worth living.
  5. That our uniqueness is a gift and we should learn our intimate nature.  From true knowledge of aptitudes and limitations we may know what to build on, an subsequently what potential exists.
  6. We must see that the individual basic needs of safety, belonging, and esteem are fulfilled to free the path for personal growth.
  7. That we grow our consciousness to value beauty and other uplifting things in nature and in living.
  8. That controls are good, and utter abandon is counter productive. We need personal control to better the quality of life in all areas.
  9. To attain the emotional intelligence to deal with troubles such as unfairness, of pain, suffering, and dying.
  10. To be good selectors.  We should be given practice in making beneficial choices.

It may be a controversial statement to make but I don’t believe our educational system currently nurtures the individuals innate potential.  If anything it seeks to quash creativity in favour of enabling academic study.  I recall my school reports commenting on my ability if ‘I could just apply as much energy to my subjects as I did to my personal interests’.  I can see the same happening with my nieces today.  Something should be done about this.  I haven’t yet found a school for my children that incorporates Montessori philosophy and I’m nervous about that.

So that’s my quick delve into Maslow.   I might be blinkered by my mission but I think he’s suggesting that people operating as a fully functioning person with a healthy personality are those who have identified and are living their passions and their purpose in life.

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on Maslow and how his hierarchy fits into modern day life.  Please comment and/or share this post with anyone you think might find value in it.  Thanks.

Here’s to finding and living your passion.

Saz Bailey

Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Tony Robbins

Learning how to achieve bigger things

Tony Robbins :: Personal Development Speaker (Looking a bit tasty!)

Tony Robbins :: Looking a bit tasty!

I’d like to share with you a key learning from Tony Robbins……..

There is a perhaps much overused cliché; ‘taking baby steps’ in order to accomplish big goals.  I know I used it just a couple of days ago on Facebook!  But it’s an astonishingly powerful principle that only ‘the few’ apply in life.  I call it a principle because it’s absolute and universal.  I merit ‘the few’ because they are a school of success.

Take a moment to consider anything in nature; matured plants for example are the product of it’s much, much smaller parts.  So, it’s the culmination of all of these individual parts that make up the largeness or presence of something.  It follows that something may only ‘be’ and continue to exist through a process of continued growth.

Tony Robbins frequently discusses the power of making small incremental alterations in our lives.  Most of us never succeed in doing this.  The reason is because in all the planning on doing the big thing we want, and making the impacting changes, we never take the beginning, simple, meaningful steps in doing the small things that make the shift in our mindset.

I find it fascinating that incremental gain taps into one of the building blocks of our cosmos called ‘compounding’.  Modern science now believes the principle of compounding can be attributed to the very being of our universe.  So, the way our whole universe works through compounding means that growth is incremental.  One becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8, 8 become 16 and so forth.  This is the way our world expands and this is the way your life and my life builds.

Now, work with me here, think about a private aeroplane setting off on a 5000 mile journey halfway across the world, obviously it’s pilot would set the most direct route to follow.  Now what if it’s systems weren’t correctly calibrated?  What if his course was off by simply half a degree?  Simple answer; over that distance they would land on the wrong continent!

The lesson of this little story here is that you and I need to truly take charge of the small things.  They are not just important but they are actually everything.  What I’m directing you to here is that the accomplishment of our ultimate dreams can be attributed to the smallest of changes.  The one very important idea to keep close to your heart is the fact that it only takes one thought to metamorphous everything.

It takes just one little adjustment that over time may have a great outcome in your life.

Did you see the movie The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher?   It beautifully exemplifies the concept.  The butterfly effect is the idea that the beating of a butterflies wings has a knock on effect that ripples on through out the universe.  The first beat of the butterflies wings appear wholly insignificant and trivial, but the amazing thing is that over time by the accumulation of a small effort this may actually produce a hurricane.

It’s the seemingly trivial steps that sooner or later create the substantial leaps in your life.

But know this; surrendering, giving up, deciding something a failure likewise produces a butterfly effect.  Never undervalue the might of the butterfly effect.  Always reinforce your decisions with actions and continue taking action towards what you do want rather than moving by default towards what you don’t and fear.

Tony Robbins often discusses the same idea.  He calls it ‘global changes’.  Global changes are about the effect of making a single simple alteration that has the ability to change a bunch of other things at the same time.

Once we know what the appropriate baby steps are we frequently fail to take the very actions essential to making our lives extraordinary lives, simply because we don’t interpret their significance.  We need to take the time to contemplate  and register what we can change for impact.  Then congruent, organised and persistent action in the direction of your goal can be the key to establishing momentum.  Every small action collects and builds on the ones before till you produce a snowball that will finally be unstoppable.  How about an avalanche?!

As a student of Tony Robbins I try not to ever disregard the seemingly small things.  They all impact and they all build upon past effects to shape and direct my life.  Utilise your time and your mind wisely in ‘compounding’ like the universe does towards your desire and most especially take positive and constructive action daily towards becoming the sort of individual you ultimately prefer to be.  It’s all in the ‘baby steps’.

Do you follow Tony Robbins teachings?  I’d love to hear what you have learned from him.

If you found this post interesting please comment below,  and share or Tweet!

Thanks, I appreciate your interaction.

Saz Bailey

Do I need a mentor or a coach?

Person with Thumbs Up!Well that depends on what you need from the experience. Here’s what each does;

  • Mentor: this is someone who has been there and done it, a person with the experience to guide you through what you are trying to achieve by advising the most direct route without the mistakes or lengthy learning curve. The word mentor means ‘trusted friend or councillor’.  A good mentor is a precious on many levels but the years and money you can save through the relationship and the network they can plug you into can catapult your success, especially in a new business. If you’re lucky enough to have a good mentor you should do everything in your power to keep that relationship going.  If you haven’t got one and are serious about your success I would hunt one down!
  • Coach: this is someone who helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be much faster than you would be capable of doing alone.  A coach doesn’t dictate how you should do something or give you your answers, rather they help you to own your journey through focus and clarity by methodically thinking through your project yourself to come up with your own clear plan and commitments to yourself to achieve your goals.  Again, a good coach is someone to have in your success armoury.

Both of these roles can be formal or informal, paid or unpaid.  The important thing is that they can make all the difference to the success of your project whether that be your business or your health…or your whole life path.

If you’d like to find a coach these people can help The Coaching Academy. The best way to find a mentor is through your own network, but if need be just contact to the people you would like to emulate and offer them a skill and your time that they could value in return for there mentorship. You might be surprised, people tend to want to help success.

Here’s to yours!

Saz Bailey