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Can we learn to lead?


The debate continues….

If  you’re considering starting your own business with a background of working for other people you might be wondering if you’ve got what it takes to take the lead and be the pivotal character.  In committing to your business people are buying into you and your vision, and your ability to deliver what you say you will through the resources at your disposal.

People have debated over and over whether leadership is a trait you must be born with.  Research shows that you can’t explain leadership by for example genetics; intelligence, family line or education, ethnicity, gender.  You will find massive variance in all of those sorts of areas from one leader to the next.

It’s all down to mind set.

Absolutely anyone can be an effective leader if they are passionate about what they do.  When you are aligned with what it is that motivates you leadership is the outcome of being passionately committed to achieving the outcome you desire.  Ordinary people with a compelling dream will step up with extraordinary commitment to make their dream a reality.

You have to find and connect deeply with your passion, your purpose, your dream, your desire, your destiny.

A leader has the ability to adapt (in what could be life changing circumstances) and to recognise their passion.  They have the natural ability to engage other people in a shared vision, this is because it comes from their core values, they have complete conviction in what they are doing.  Leaders have an unwavering sense of integrity, to do the right thing and have the courage of these convictions in delivering their mission.  It doesn’t matter what or how many set backs they come up against, they are motivated and totally single minded about achieving their vision.

Anyone on this planet can make that connection with their core influence.

What you need is the mechanism to find out what your core influence is.  You need to find out what your values are, what makes you tick.  Then you can use your unique abilities and skills to lead a business that is totally aligned to you.  You can do this by asking yourself a whole heap of questions as part of a coaching programme.  Any good coach can help you achieve this but it’s quite a financial investment or you can try a book or DVD tutoring.

I undertook a 56 day home study course that addressed a lot of different areas of my life and led to a life changing decision.  I’m now connected with my passion and live in gratitude of what I have and where I’m going every day.  I now have a mission to help creative people realise and connect with their own personal and unique passion and empower them to reach their audience through Online marketing.

It’s entrepreneurs like this with positive creativity that shape the world we live in.  The power is in our hands to do much good.

I wouldn’t consider myself a leader. I don’t know that I have evolved my leadership skills.  What I do know is that I’m hoping to lead as many as I can into an exciting future that they don’t yet realise.

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To your infinite potential and unstoppable success.

Saz Bailey