What’s Saz doing now?

If you’d like to get to know me a little better then read on……..

Today, first and foremost I am a student of Personal Growth and Online Marketing.  Subsequent to that I am a passionate facilitator of others in achieving their own abundant and prosperous life style free from the pressures that I’ve experienced myself.  Time freedom is what it all boils down to.  Freedom to BE, DO and HAVE all that we want.

I’ll not go on and indulge in myself.  I’ll just say where I was, and where I am today, and that my story leading me to this point I know is a VERY COMMON one in that I’d just reached a burn out point in my career and life where I thought…

….‘there’s just got to be a better way….this isn’t what my life is meant to be about’.

Now, I’m passionate about marketing and direct sales, for me it’s all about really connecting with people, understanding them and providing for there wants and needs.   BUT my 18 year career had taken me to into high profile consultative selling, deals worth millions, very complex with all the politics of corporate life, teams of people with conflicting motivations, spreadsheets containing numbers that I don’t even understand, STRESS, STRESS, STRESS and no FUN, FUN, FUN at all.  I also arrived at the time in my life where I’d chosen to have a family an needed balance while still feeling a personal fulfilment through the work I chose to do.

I needed a real alternative to my corporate job that challenged and fulfilled me but most importantly, paid the bills!


Finding the right opportunity…...

Before my first pregnancy I started to research running an online business.  I was fascinated by the power and leverage of the internet and I wanted some of it.  I wanted to work only the hours that suited me.  To have a truly portable, flexible business – no barriers or ties to buildings or stock or employees.   I committed to that goal very early and invested quite heavily in products and services to get myself up and running.  I paid a considerable sums of money to be coached by some of the best known internet marketing Gurus that I continue to learn a lot from.

Now I had no clue what I wanted to do but I was convinced that this was the way forward.  At this stage I was preaching to everyone I knew about the power of the internet and how they should do it too.  Personally, I was all set to go…… I just didn’t now what to do.  By now I was really  frustrated and praying for a lighting bolt to give me an Ah-ah! moment.

3 things had become very clear to me ….

  • I hadn’t managed to find a product, service, anything that I personally and passionately believed in
  • I didn’t have an appropriate network, much less a mastermind of people undertaking a close enough roadmap to mine that I could bounce off and who had the same mind set as me
  • The fact that I chose to give up my career to focus on my children didn’t translate to giving up my ability and resolve to make a difference somewhere

My pivotal moment….

I started to investigate personal coaching both for my own identity and growth and to help me take positive steps in a business.  This was when I experienced my breakthrough.  I came across a company that has the magic mix of Personal Transformational Coaching and a thriving positive, committed, passionate, supportive community.

Every day for me now is about positive steps, evolving, more success and more happiness.  I’m following my passions and purpose, fully aware of my unique personal value to the world.   I enjoy sharing my value through my blog and other social media.

Just so you know…..I realised my personal passions are:

  • Nurturing – Potential to its max
  • Creating – Challenging the status quo
  • Connecting – Marketing and Direct Sales

Partnering to deliver real solutions….

I’ve partnered with people who are helping deliver real, practical solutions to the problems you may be experiencing.  I offer you a roadmap to creating and sustaining an online centric business so that you can leverage the power internet to achieve the freedoms that can bring.

This website is the result of my passion for self growth and creativity.  I have educated myself, learn’t new skills and applied them to automate much of my income.  You can enjoy this experience too.  Being immersed in Personal Development has completely transformed my life and created a deep gratitude to pay it forward.  It is my dedication to you to see you succeed.

In service,

Saz Bailey :: Change Agent

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