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Words: How Thoughts Become Things

The Law of Attraction Freakishly in Action

Tweet Is this evidence of the Law of Attraction in Action? Yes I’m a skeptic of the Law of Attraction.  Or should I say I was a skeptic of the Law of Attraction?  Or perhaps it’s safer to say I’m withholding my verdict awaiting more evidence. The hocus pocus about the vibrations you put out […]


Starting 2011

Tweet Where did January, February & March go? Been and gone. What did I set out to do and what did I achieve? Quite a lot actually 🙂 Everything that I’m doing is the practice of living the life that I want to experience.  By choice.  By my design.  There are no flukes here.  So […]

Botox Injections

Science: Can Botox Cure Migraines?

Tweet Health and Wellness Insights: Well it seems that if someone looks as though they’ve had Botox we can’t assume that they had it for cosmetic reasons anymore.  It could point to the fact they suffer from migraines. I’m a migraine sufferer.  I’ve spent years monitoring my diet and lifestyle to try to help myself reduce […]

Lisa Nichols

Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Lisa Nichols

Tweet I was recently blessed to share the company of Lisa Nichols.  Known as The Breakthrough Specialist, she transformed her own life from a broken spirit in an abusive relationship and is now passionately helping others achieve their own transformations.  She focuses her attention and energy on entrepreneurs, women & children. Lisa has a beautiful […]

Abraham Maslow

Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Abraham Maslow

Tweet Maslow knew all about passion……. Abraham Maslow is the personality man.  He’s a humanistic psychologist who has influenced many fields including education. I want to share his views with you because what he teaches about our natural and basic need to blossom to our full potential really explains our relationship with our personal passions and […]

Tony Robbins :: Personal Development Speaker (Looking a bit tasty!)

Personal Development Gurus Exposed: Tony Robbins

Tweet Learning how to achieve bigger things I’d like to share with you a key learning from Tony Robbins…….. There is a perhaps much overused cliché; ‘taking baby steps’ in order to accomplish big goals.  I know I used it just a couple of days ago on Facebook!  But it’s an astonishingly powerful principle that […]

Twitter Bird

10 tips for setting up Twitter for max success

Tweet Laying the right foundation… I’ve just been making some bite size training videos for Social Media Marketing just for those people who don’t have time to complete full courses and need to take baby steps.  Today was setting up your Twitter profile to lay a good foundation.  I thought it might be useful to […]

Time Management

No time for Time Management?

Tweet BIG easy changes to get a time advantage… Okay so as an entrepreneur you have a natural tendency to be attracted to activities that expand the mind and create possibilities. Couple that with the fact that as an Internet Entrepreneur you are in THE worst environment for distractions, especially in the new wave of […]

The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen

Personal Transformation to Online Entrepreneurship

Tweet Online Entrepreneurship sung to me. I think it was probably around about 6 years ago now, my mother turned up at my house looking quite excited that she had found a book that was to be the answer, the beginning of my transformation to online entrepreneurship. ‘The One Minute Millionaire:  The story that transforms […]


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