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Dreams for me & mine

Freedom;  wrap it up any which way you like but ultimately I’m dreaming of freedom.

Saz Day Dreaming (again!)

Time & money….It’s not just about the moola though.  I want enough moola to not have concerns about it.  I want enough to be free to make choices over my time instead of having to trade it for….the money.  Not just for me though, it would be no fun being in that place alone.  I want to connect with like minded people and take anyone with the same drive along with me.

My criteria for business is to be able to run it with a laptop and a phone so I can operate from anywhere.  I don’t want bricks and mortar,  I don’t want stock,  I don’t want employees.  That’s the beauty of the internet and the information age.

I work my business a few hours a day and I want to see that reduce.  I want to spend more time with my parents in their later years and more time with my children in their young years.  I aspire to get the balance right to be truly present in the relationships I have with my husband, family and friends, without distraction.  I’m travelling more, learning more, becoming more, giving more.  I want that for myself and as a role model for my children.

So, what I’m aiming for is a comprehensive portfolio of multiple, passive streams of income through a portable business.  I’m on my way and excited to be helping others to do the same in the process.  I don’t ‘sell’.  My systems ensure that people find me almost on auto pilot.  The cool thing about that is that I only work with people who want what I’ve got to give them.  We cut to the fun stuff straight away.

I’ve just had my 36th Birthday and it hit home how long it’s taken me to take action on my intentions!  I was 30 when I decided an internet centric business was the direction I was going to take.  That was in 2006.  Good lord….where did the time go?

I’ve achieved a lot of things in that time (not least having 2 children) but it’s still polarised the fact that I had made far less progress than I intended with my business.  That’s why I believe so much in personal development, coaching and mentoring.  I can share with you that I am where I am now so quickly because if these.  I would be honoured to provide you with the same if you are committed to your success.  That’s what I love to do and how I measure my own success.  If you succeed I succeed, and all my dreams come true!

Now I have my goals defined & I’d like to share them with you so you can keep me in check:

  • 2010 – by the end of this year my online ‘hobby’ will have supported a number of others in creating a sustainable online business
  • 2011 – my ‘hobby’ will generate a 6 figure income to allow me to fully transition and have more time for my family
  • 2011 – I’ll be attending my 3 day Breakthrough personal development retreat (a lot of money but totally worth it) with my whole family
  • 2011 – I hope to have a 3rd child so the money will be VERY handy, I’ll also be enjoying a fulfilling business that I can manage around my children and volunteering activities
  • 2011 – Beta trials for my joint venture with Mike Little will be completed and passive income will start for myself & my customers 🙂
  • 2012 – Beta trials for Infinity Tribes WordPress plugin will complete (FREE until reaching critical mass) and affiliate scheme will start, creating viral passive income for myself and my customers 🙂
  • 2012 – I’ll be attending my 5 day Destiny personal development retreat (even more money but totally worth it) with my whole family….yeahy!!
  • 2012 – I’ll spend a whole lot of extra time with my eldest child before he starts school and get my vegetable garden rocking so my children can get involved
  • 2012 – I’ll be skiing in France for a month before the munchkins start school term times
  • 2013 – My husband will have the choice to sell his business if he wishes to start his next passion
  • 2013 – Crickey I might consider baby number 4!
  • ……….and onwards……..

Ask yourself;

where do you want to be in the next 3 years?

…..and how are you going to get there?

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my dreams and goals.  As you can see I’m on my own journey just like you.  I sincerely appreciate your interest and hope that you will consider connecting with me to help you create your future by design.

It’s just a simple choice followed by baby steps.

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