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Connecting with my Entrepreneurial visitors:

My aim is to support the whole entrepreneur.  That means inside and out, personally and professionally.  To inform you, to challenge you, to expand your sphere of comfort, to motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be in all areas of your life.

I also hope you enjoy a community atmosphere where you feel comfortable contributing and sharing through my posts.  I’d love this to be a 2 way or even better, multiple way relationship through a vibrant, sharing, committed and supportive community.

So here are my tips for getting the most out of this site:


You’ll find an Optin form at the top of my site where I request your email address.  In exchange I’ll send you a step by step guide to getting yourself set up to monetise your personal interests via the internet.  Now, this is by nooooo means the full picture but I want you to be excited. If I succeed and you gain little successes then consider how far you can really go!  If what I send you is way to basic for you then get in touch and ask for more!


I can’t stress enough that I am genuinely interested in your thoughts, your struggles, your growth and your successes. I encourage you to share them.  To share learnings and opinion.  It is only through feedback that I can gage the value in my posts.


You’ll see my different social media profiles showing where else I hang out. Hook up with me, get to know me and have some fun in these places with me too.


We are all busy people.  I don’t post just to post.  I post because I think my audience will find it interesting or useful.  So I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed – either for the site or the individual category that interests you most.


I am genuinely interested in how I can help you to succeed.  Please take part in the polls in the right hand column so that I know how I can best serve you.


Try searching the Tags cloud on the right to find topics that you might not find within my categories.


I have 3 main categories about creating a fun and balanced life, creating a brand around the entrepreneur that you can be, and how to market that brand on the internet.  All other categories directly relate to how to achieve these things.

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My gift to you.  Feel free to use my Blog to promote yourself, link back to your site and find people to collaborate with here.

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Are you one of the few people who will actually make a commitment and take action?  Subscribe.  I am giving you the gift of  Live Motivational Interviews every Tuesday.  Experts in Personal Development, Academia, Business, Adventure, Entertainment, Sports, Health & Wellness, Psychology  from around the globe are interviewed by our Chief Transformational Officer to help you focus on your own development, transformation and success.  He explores the difference between those who desire and those who take action – what really creates success.  Be Inspired!