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I’d like to take a moment to personally WELCOME you….

Sarah Bailey :: Change Agent

Saz Bailey :: Entrepreneur Coach

My name is Sarah Bailey.   I’m a dedicated mother of two little munchkins.  My family are my absolute No.1 priority, very closely followed by good friends.  To that end everything else that I do is an enabler for the kind of life experience I want us all to have.   My ‘work’ is my PASSION with the added benefit of giving me security and plenty of time to enjoy what’s important.

I’m absolutely EVANGELIC about the fact that each and every one of us has a very personal passion and purpose that we should get to ride out every day of our lives.  That we should enjoy the freedom that brings with it to enjoy our children or family and love ourselves.

We just need to connect with that passion & purpose.

The world has changed, we have a new economy through this bizarre thing called the internet where we can all connect with an audience, a following that appreciates our personal and unique value. We just need to know how to leverage this effectively to really make a living or even catapult our earning potential beyond our dreams.

I’m a mummy.  I’m also Saz Bailey, a multi faceted person with a need to be personally fulfilled. A corporate job used to be pivotal to me.  Now I do what I love.  I know where I’m going.  I have time, space and energy to dedicate my soul to my children and husband, and make my own unique contribution to the world outside of home through my business in Transformational Personal Development.  I’m surrounded by passionate, empowered, committed people who add sparkle to my days.

You can do this.  I can show you how.

I know from experience that it’s difficult to get there without guidance, easy to get lost and overwhelmed if you don’t have a road map to follow.  There is only so much time in the week, and a whole bunch of commitments to prevent you gaining momentum and traction.  If you are open to opportunity and committed to your success I can help you define your unique value and really master the tools to earn whilst living the life you want.

I am an Entrepreneur Coach. I mentor and coach people who have an innate drive to live a different, more purposeful life. I introduce the road map to change; the transformational personal coaching and the business, sales & marketing frameworks to ensure a successful venture.

What I actually do (in plain English!):

  1. Remove the overwhelm – your technical, financial, skepticism & confidence barriers to launch an succeed in an entrepreneurial venture
  2. Provide the tools for you to identify and connect on a profound level with the very personal PASSION and PURPOSE it takes to ensure your commitment to not only take action but to persist and succeed
  3. Plan structured action that will challenge and empower you to do things differently, take initiative and deliver your true value to the world

My thoughts on the power and leverage of the internet…..

We live in unprecedented times.  The world has changed.  We are witnessing a new economy supported by this bizarre thing called the internet where ANYONE CAN CONNECT WITH ANYONE.  Every single individual (that’s YOU) can connect with an audience, a following that appreciates your personal value who are passionate about the same things……and THEY will come looking for YOU.  This means we can all reach a market with a monetary value that can support the lifestyle we want.  That can be to just make a living or to explode your income into the stratosphere.  You just have to find your ‘niche’ or your ‘mass’ and go for it.

As entrepreneurs we are creative people.  There are many frustrated genius’ amongst us.  The ideas aren’t the barrier to success, it’s connecting with a passion that eliminates noise and distraction, and then having clear action steps to enable you to progress consistently toward your goal.

I can share with you that the most valuable investment you can make in your internet based venture is in building your own personal following, and from that a LIST of people you can grow a valued relationship with.  But most importantly, delivering value to that list that is over and above the call of duty,  being exceptional in your field, an inspiration to others and that comes from being passionate.  That means being clear about what you stand for, being clear about what you stand against and delivering your own unique and personal value to that following.

Are you ready?  Well alrighty then, let’s get started!

This website is a free resource and community

It’s the result of my passion for self growth and creativity.  Being immersed in Personal Development has completely transformed my life and created a deep gratitude to pay it forward.  I don’t profess to be a guru in any area.  I have a wealth of experience, learnings and connections that I am excited to share.  It may take some time to get all that information out there…..but it’s coming, I promise.

We’re a peculiar bunch we internet entrepreneurs. Although most start an Online venture with the 4 day week ideal of a balanced life and financial freedom I know  too many find it takes over their life or give up all together.  I aim to support you holistically in your personal and entrepreneurial growth whilst connecting a community of like minded and evolving leaders.

I religiously invest (both time & money) in my own personal growth so that I can provide personal value to you. I’ve been coached by some of the best people in their field Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, Brad Fallon, Brendon Burchard, Robert Grant , Mike Little, Patrick Combs and more (Google them).  I paid them – you don’t need to.  I can teach you everything that these guys charge a fortune for!

I want to be transparent with you in that aside from the products and services I offer, I also earn a residual income through people who step up to build a business in Transformational Personal Development.  I personally coach and mentor these people on a 1-1 basis to achieve success, giving them the tools to replicate in any business they desire to undertake thereafter.  I’m passionate about empowering people so provide this opportunity for all to access.

Let’s evangelise together – ANYONE can do this!

I’m very much looking forward to connecting with you.  I am dedicated to your success and genuinely interested in your progress.  Please exchange your comments and feedback to posts in these pages to share your journey with myself others on the same path.

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Please spread this resource to inspire and help all internet entrepreneurs around the world to unleash their passion and purpose, their unique personal value on the world through the power and leverage of the internet.

Share the content with anyone who you believe has the smouldering fire inside that needs lighting!

Let’s create a movement of Inspired Internet Entrepreneurs!

In service…..

Saz Bailey :: Entrepreneur Coach


“You can have anything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want” ~ Zig Ziglar