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56 Day Home Study Course Offer

Transform your Life: Make a Plan and Take Action

Before we get into the ‘offer’ I’d first like to thank you for taking the initiative.

You are now exploring an opportunity to take your future into your own hands, to Transform Your Life and design your own destiny.

Now for the offer……

I’m excited to describe this for you.

I’d like you to take advantage of a home study course that can truly transform areas for your life that you are not happy with or that are causing you distress.  You have the personal power to be truly successful in all of your life goals.  This home study course can guide you.

I don’t want you to just have the course. I want to know that you complete the course and have chance to experience the life transformation opportunity available to you.

I’d like to provide you with a way of accessing this course for FREE with an unequivocal commitment from both you and I that will guarantee you complete the course in full.

56 Days of Discovery

This Personal Transformation multi media home study package will help you develop your life skills; mind, body and spirit.

Guiding you through an 8 week journey of self discovery and transformation, spending time analysing your core values, motivations and limiting beliefs under the guidance of true experts.  You will ultimately take ownership of your life and personal situation and gain the ability to transform the areas that you wish to.

The package is the result of the collaboration of 14 world renown Luminaries, best selling authors, scientist, PhDs and globally recognised personal & prosperity specialists.

You and they will focus on the paths of; Purpose, Power, Attraction, Results, Relationships, Wellness, Riches, & Liberation.

The Discovery Course includes:

  • 56 days of Discovery (8 week daily online study course),
  • 8 ‘pathway’ CDs
  • ‘Awakening’ movie DVD
  • Introduction to free enterprise CD
  • credit card plastic Goal Cards
  • Trailblazer Journal
  • Monthly invitations to a Saturday ‘Beyond Discovery’ mentoring calls (which are truly inspirational and motivating!)
  • Course attendance is audit tracked on line, so you receive an email to prompt you if you miss a session and keep your commitment going

I’m looking for a commitment from you

I want you to consider the MASSIVE impact this could have on your life.   Every day from today.  How you will really benefit from the actionable steps you will put in place.  How will you commit to completing the course?

I’m suggesting that you just share the love……..

  • If you encourage 2 other people to take advantage of this life transforming course I will refund 40% of your payment once they commit
  • If you encourage 5 other people to take advantage I will refund 80% of your payment once they commit

The people you refer can take advantage of this same offer.  *Or they can purchase from you.


This is a no brainer for you.

Discovery comes with a 100% cast iron guarantee that if the product doesn’t live up to your expectations you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.  You just need to complete the course in earnest.

So if you complete the course,  reap the benefits and encourage others to do the same you get it for next to nothing!

And if you complete the course and don’t benefit then you can just claim your money back.  Simple!

Buy now for £1,199.00 and get a 40% or 80% refund in 71 days or less

(Your average personal coaching sessions would stack up to around £3000.  You get to keep this for life – revisiting any path at any time you need for a tiny £240!!).

So are you ready?…..lets go…..if someone referred you here then enter their name below and submit your order.

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*The Business Opportunity

I noted above that people can purchase directly from you.  If you are interested in the business opportunity then please contact me.  Click this link to be directed through more information.