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In Gratitude of you Following My Blog……

Tweet I would like to dedicate this space to elevating you. Promote what it is that you are passionate about and find other people to mastermind with. Let me know if you have an idea you might like to connect with me about. Link back to your site and get some Google Juice 😉 Don’t […]

Generation Z

Raising Next Generation Entrepreneurs

Tweet Bored at school, failing in class, conflict with peers:         This child might be an entrepreneur, says Cameron Herold. He argues the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish – as kids and as adults.   What social norms are you being pressured to bring your own children […]

Social Media Visual

Why Social Media Marketing?

Tweet Well – it’s FREE – d’oh! Seriously though, many, many people are not understanding the immense power of Social Media in business.  It is clear that people who don’t use it for business networking purposes don’t ‘get it’.  To them paid search campaigns are king but if your whole online marketing strategy is dependant […]

Image of Heart with Stethoscope

Science: Detecting Cancer Early with a Blood Test

Tweet Health and Wellness Insights: It’s suggested by research that a blood test could detect Cancers before a tumour has even grown.  This test identifies the signals of the body’s immune responses as a cancer germinates so enabling treatment at a much earlier stage. Initially the test will be used to detect lung cancer, where […]

Top 10 Mistakes by Newbie Online Business

Top 10 Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes

Tweet A checklist to bookmark as you get started: I was chatting with a friend last night.  I’m coaching her in her first Online Business venture.  There were 2 parts to the conversation, she was asking how to get started without wasting a whole heap of energy, time and money on stuff that was just […]


How to Get Approved

Tweet Advice: Help the Reviewer to Help You Have you spent hours working on a PCC campaign only to have it rejected the publisher (usually Google)?  Carefully crafted your sales/squeeze page and follow up pages with perhaps a couple of up sells, complied your keywords, written your email campaign and adds…..all set to go, you […]

Core Values Word Cloud

Leadership: Are you inside out?…….

Tweet Leaders inspire their followers ….and it’s so easy to do.  Followers follow because of connection with their Leaders cause, followers believe in the same thing so it’s automatic. We don’t buy the ‘what’ but the ‘why ‘ – that’s about a personal connection. If you can translate this to your business the commitment both […]

Image of Heart with Stethoscope

Science: Breast is best for Cancer

Tweet Health and Wellness Insights: I recall a few weeks ago reading a shocktastic magazine article of a woman evangelising about the virtues of her breast milk.  She preached of the benefits over consuming alternate mammal milks.   I have to say her arguments did make sense on a logical level, I breast fed my […]

Person with Thumbs Up

FUN!: Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

Tweet Life used to be that simple…..or is it still? Do you practice Daily Affirmations? It’s something I’m going to look into properly. I have practiced affirmations in the context of running, many sports people create a positive mindset for success this way.  It is proven to create results in athletes and I certainly believed […]


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